A Brief History and Plans For the Future / by David Campbell

The Campbell Family Berlin 2016

The Campbell Family Berlin 2016

2016 has been one of the most amazing blessings of our lives! In this update, we would like to give you a snap shot of what has happened and explain how things are moving forward.


We moved to Berlin in July of 2014 full of dreams and visions for what God wanted to do.  We found an apartment, got settled, began learning the language, got the kids enrolled in school, established residency and began to engage in what God invited us to do in this city.  In the middle of 2015, God provided a house for us that would become a place of launching operations, equipping,  and a place of refuge.

In February of 2015, a small team from the Fire and Fragrance (a YWAM school from Kona) came through Berlin on their way to debrief from their 2 months outreach in Europe.  They spent one day with us and God began to open our eyes.  In their short time here, we went to the center of a crowded place in the city and simply began to worship Jesus.  We had no expectation of anything; we were mainly concerned with making their experience good so that they might want to come back.

As we worshipped Jesus, two Persian men approached saying, We have just become Christian and do not know what it looks like to follow Jesus, can you help us?”  This awakened something in us that really cemented the fact that ministry in the presence of God is what God is calling us to!

We began to pray that God would allow us to work with Fire and Fragrance more and more in the future; however, we were not sure how to make that happen.   

So we simply asked God to connect the dots for us.

Through a series of seemingly random events, God connected those dots and the first Fire and Fragrance team came to our house in December of 2015. 

This set in motion a working partnership and ministry family that brought a ton of life and fruitfulness to us.

At the time that we were praying, we wanted to simply be obedient on a daily basis and see where God was working.  It was super organic and super simple.  We would go into refugee camps and just see what God wanted to do.  That was it.

Mid-way through 2015 some friends of ours, the Ashworths, who were already ministering in the city, expressed interest to “tag-along” as we went into the camps.  It soon became all of us doing life and ministry together.  Super simple.  However, seeing miracle after miracle and soul after soul coming to Christ we realized we were in the middle of something much bigger than us.


As we began to hit our stride in 2016, it appeared that God was doing something significant and our motto became; “Our job is to not mess this up!”  This led to the realization that we needed structure and family as we move forward.  

The Lord warned us regarding joining just anyone and rather directed us to be slow and purposeful and wait for Him. He is a good Provider and we do not doubt this. 

Fitness Ministry

Through listening to the Lord, we discerned that Functional Fitness (similar to CrossFit© ) was to play a part in our ministry.  This began to go really well and we were faced with a need for a facility and legal structure to do something like this.   Beginning in June of 2016, we started the process of becoming an NGO that could operate in Germany legally.  This was a costly and long process, but one that is thankfully completed as of the end of October 2016!! Praise God!

Coming soon (very soon) we will be launching an initiative to open a community center that will have a space for our CrossFit trainers to train in functional fitness while at the same time have space available for the many other initiatives that are emerging.  We will be rounding out the equipment that we need and paying for the space. 

This will, of course, be an investment. But one in which we believe with our whole hearts and know will have eternal results!

If God is stirring you to give toward this, then please let us know and we will direct you.  There is a special account that this needs to go into for this purpose. 


Given the growth of what is happening on the ground here, we needed a local structure that would provide accountability and direction so that we could grow even more.  This is not a simple process in that the goal is not simply “accountability so as not to sin” but rather,

How do we structure ourselves so that we position each one of us for the continual outpouring of blessing from Heaven?”

We are happy to announce that we have cemented our core leadership team (CLT)!  

Our CLT consists of the Ashworth Family, Campbell Family, and a wonderful Family originally from Tacoma, WA (more on them soon). 

Ashworth Family:  Tim, Crista, Claire, Graham.

This local expression will have it’s own core values, vision, and direction while being firmly inside of wider community and family. 

Kaio Network

The Kaio Network Berlin

The Kaio Network Berlin

This local expression will be called Kaio Network.  This comes from the Greek work Kaio meaning "to completely consume."  We originally heard from the Lord that we were supposed to set small revival/awakening fires all over for the awakening of Europe and the Middle East.  We felt like this was supposed to be more of a network that facilitates movements versus a hierarchical structure.   We will work across denominational lines and keep our identity simple and rooted in Christ alone.

Fire and Fragrance

It is also with great excitement and anticipation that we announce that we are becoming part of the Fire and Fragrance Family!  (**YWAM is a very large movement and Fire and Fragrance is an expression inside of the larger whole**) Many times people think of relations like this from a primarily accountability aspect.  While accountability is a part of this, it is primarily a family.  It is the same way that we are accountable to our spouses. To explain, avoiding wrongdoing is not the reason that we relate to our spouse.  We relate because God made us relational beings.  Accountability is a wonderful side benefit of being rightly related! This group of people have become such a part of our family that it is hard to remember what life was like without them.  We have laughed, cried, and worked hard together.  We have been running parallel to each other and now we will run together.  This means that the Kaio Network is becoming part of the Fire and Fragrance family!

What This Means

We have been praying for workers for the harvest for a long time.  We started praying in faith that we would need more workers, and now we actually do.  Our faith became sight!! 

As we cemented our relationship with Fire and Fragrance, through daily communication, and as a result of their gatherings in Kona,  many of the staff (close to 17 people!) heard from God that they are supposed to come to Berlin for an extended period of time! (More than likely a minimum of two years.)

We would love your prayers as we go through the process of adding to our Family here and as they raise support and find housing, etc.

It is such an honor and a blessing from God to have these people come and join us and we are so excited to get them here and on the ground!!!


We now have about six certified Level 1 CrossFit trainers mobilizing to come and work here in Berlin!!  You may want to re-read that because that is amazing!!  This group of servant-hearted people have been trained and prepared through the Respect The Corners Ministry which is also part of the Fire and Fragrance Family bases out of Kona, Hawaii.

Fire and Fragrance DTS Berlin (Discipleship Training School)

In addition to the exciting news of growth, we will be running a Fire and Fragrance DTS starting September 2017 here in Berlin.  This will be a training school that is both for people from the West and those who are coming to Christ in the refugee and immigrant community. 

If you have a heart to work with refugees and be equipped for what God is calling you to, then you can take part in this! 

Registration will be open soon!! We already have our first student from our church (The Village Church) signed up!! Amazing!!!

While many in the USA and Europe may see refugees as a burden or people to fear, we believe that God has given them to us to help re-awaken Europe, the USA and the Middle-East!

People who have abandoned the faith will suddenly see Jesus through different lenses and be stirred with love toward Him and those who have come here! We have the faith and expectation for it!!

One of the best ways to do this is to live, work, and minister with these beautiful people.  Not just minister to but minister with!  In this school, you will learn and work alongside these fantastic people and see the glory and wisdom of God in how He created them.  You will learn to walk in your supernatural giftings and you will see God do things that you have only read about in the book of Acts!  You will learn from some of the best practitioners and teachers in the world!

The outreach portion of the school will be both inside of Berlin and other locations across Europe and the Middle East, places where God is wanting to launch movements!

This has been an amazing year and we are anticipating an even greater 2017! 

If the Lord is inviting you to join part of our financial and prayer team, we would LOVE to have you!! Just click  here

Both one-time and recurring gifts are appreciated and much needed as we step out in faith for what the LORD has asked us to do! 

We wish y'all many blessings of Peace, JoY, Love and Abundant Life!

Merry Christmas from the Campbells in Germany!!!