Perfection Comes From Him / by David Campbell


Many times throughout the week, I get messages from women and men in the United States. Quite often these messages are from people who strongly desire the abundant life I speak of, the JoY that I have found, the ability to walk in the power of the Holy Spirit and a life that exemplifies true freedom.

Fear is the most common obstacle in the way of life that represents Kingdom culture. Fear of a lot of things. 

Mostly, the fear of being imperfect.

I must say publicly what I say to those I have coffee with or that walk life with me: I am not perfect.

I don't come from a perfect family.

I have not always made perfect choices.

Many people who I am friends with on Facebook knew me when I said I was following Jesus with my mouth, but making choices that did not agree with that statement. I did things and desired things that make my heart sink today. I wish I could sit with old friends and apologize. I wish I could take back so much...

I have lost friendship over my choices and because sin is ugly and wretched, I long for those friendships to be made right....but sometimes the consequence is just a big fat "no" to continued relationship. I can't control other people and I can live at peace as far as it depends on me. I feel confident that I have done that. Sadly, the outcome just isn't what I wish it was. 

I have come to a place where I know my own perfection is a smokescreen and that His perfection is the real deal, authentic and forever kind of Perfection.

There is just nothing wretched about Jesus.

Nothing dirty about Jesus.

There is nothing unkind, nothing unloving, no brokenness, no jealousy, and no impure motives. 


He is perfect and His perfection is actually available to me.

To you.

If we would just sit in that, with hands open for the receiving, we can really have it.

Sure, when I do things in my own strength, like I did years ago, I mess up. Looking  imperfect while longing for Perfection.

Perfection is Jesus and I long for Him.

When I surrender my own ways, my own thoughts and words, I become empty for Him to fill me. And what He has to say, think about and do is Perfect.

So, please, consider that I have a past. I have made big mistakes. I am in no way different than you. I need Perfection. Which means I need Jesus in order to stand before my Holy God clean and pure.

And I have Him. 

So I have Perfection. And I am clean and pure because of Him.