Week in Review / by David Campbell

Today is Thursday and we still have a lot of the week left but it has been a wonderful week so we thought we would give you a taste:

Sunday: we went to Mauer Park with about 40,000 other people to pray for the sick and proclaim Jesus as Lord. We saw many people healed. One young couple in particular experienced Jesus setting her free from tormenting spirits.  It is great that we will get to continue to meet with them!

Tuesday:  A Turkish man gave his life to Jesus and received the gift of the Holy Spirit.  In the process his neck was totally healed (didn’t even pray for that!). A young German agnostic man confessed struggling with depression and was touched by Jesus so much that he said he still doesn’t believe but cannot deny that he feels better. 

Wednesay: We spent most of the day learning from Adam Narciso regarding spiritual warfare and deliverance.  During the break we shared Jesus with a man from Iraq who is super eager to continue learning about Jesus.  Also a lovely Afghani couple heard the gospel and want to have us over for dinner to hear more. 

Today:  Keri is working in the Alabaster Jar Cafe and I was sharing Jesus on the streets.  One Syrian man had his back healed and he and his friend want to continue to meet and talk more about jesus. 

Friday:  Tomorrow we go to local Mosques and make friends and share Jesus.  It will be a wonderful time! 

Weekend: This weekend we are praying for 50 unbroken hours for the Muslim world. Join us in praying for breakthrough and peace in the Muslim world!

The number of groups of people who want to meet and learn more about Jesus is growing! Please pray for workers to continue to share the good news and disciple people! 

We love you all!