The Harvest Is Now / by David Campbell

I remember reading "The Heavenly Man" by Brother Yun and thinking to myself - "Wow! This sounds like the book of Acts!"

About 7 years ago, I started a bible reading plan that had me reading through the bible roughly 3.5 times in a year.  In this bible reading plan it required that I read one chapter of the books of Acts each day.  So every 28 days I was restarted the book of Acts.  During this time, there grew hunger in me to have my experience match what I read in the bible.  Not that I make the bible fit my experience, but instead taking my experience and if it did not match what I read in the bible... then I would keep seeking the Lord until my experience matched the bible.  The Lord is giving us tiny little tastes of that now!  Not the full meal, but tiny little appetizers that teach us that there is so much more of God than we have ever imagined (or heard)!

This week started normal enough.  We met with a small group of people on Tuesday in our home for prayer.  Something happened in that prayer meeting in which a deep conviction of urgency and excitement just seemed to fill the room and our hearts.

Wednesday we began seeing refugees coming to us expressing a desire to give their lives to Jesus.  Men coming and desiring whatever it takes to associate somehow with Jesus.  Men coming to us saying "We think Jesus is right and we want to follow Him, how do we do that?"  At the same time we began seeing significant resistance to our work (we will just leave that where it is - but needless to say we need prayer for open doors and wisdom for how to handle things boldly and safely but not foolishly.).

Thursday we saw yet more people baptized and making bold declarations of a desire for a clean conscience and new life in Christ.  

Friday we saw eyes opened, physically, causing eyes to be opened spiritually.  One man said, "I saw the miracle!  I have had doubts about my religion while living in Iraq and I had no one to ask.  What I have seen today will change the world.  We do not need food, or clothing, or housing, Jesus is what we need!"

Saturday is the day we come together as a house church fellowship.  We are so blessed to be pushing one another towards greater effectiveness and holiness in Christ.  We may be a small group, but I can promise you if you are going to storm the gates of hell, then this is the crew that you want with you!

Today Jacob and I went to a Döner/Kebap place.  He ate french fries and I read the Gospel of Matthew out loud to him.  We noticed three men listening to us so we invited them to talk.  One was from Iran, one from Pakistan, and one from Turkey.  The older man from Turkey had been stabbed in the shoulder three years ago and had significant pain.  He was healed by Jesus instantly after we prayed!  One of the other man tried to argue that this did not happen and that Jesus did not do it, but he was largely unsuccessful convincing his friend that it had not happened! So good! 

Every day we are coming to see that we are living in a different time than we used to.  It seems things are happening much faster than they used to.  There is a growing hunger for (and a virulent opposition to) Jesus.  We are seeing, each day, that the day of preparation is long past.  It is no longer time to prepare the harvest but that the harvest is here and we are to be about our Father's business.  We cannot spend our time preparing for a day that God has never promised us.  He has given us today, we must be faithful with today.  

Do not loose sight that you are in this with us.  The love, encouragement, support, and just being cheerleaders for us and for Jesus is such a blessing!  Words cannot express how thankful we are for each one of you.  

If you are wondering how you can be involved we would love to talk to you more. We believe that what is happening here can happen anywhere.  It's just a matter of being willing to take a step of faith.  John Wimber used to say that the "correct way to spell faith is R-I-S-K".  Take a risk, you will see that Jesus is super capable of holding you up!

Bless you all!  Bis dann, Tschüs