Praying for the Sick by David Campbell

This morning I was talking with a friend of mine originally from Iraq.  He was talking to me about how his foot was in extreme pain due to a soccer injury yesterday.  I think, based on the way he was speaking to me, that he wanted me to pray for him. 

Sounds like a good idea, huh? He’s in pain, I should be able to pray for him right? But is that the best course of action? Is that in his best interest? 

I told him instead, “place your hands on your foot and say ‘in the name of Jesus be healed!’” He tried it and nothing happened.  So I said, “now I want you to bind the spirits of pain and sickness and then say ‘in the name of Jesus be healed!’” Suddenly he was instantly healed!  He was overwhelmed with love for Jesus. 

Sometimes when we are evangelizing we can get caught up in wanting to be the one through whom Jesus brings the miracle.  Why? Often it is because we are not fully rooted in our own identity.  When we are rooted in our identity we can help others walk in to their identity.  This man is a dearly loved child of God, but he didn’t know of His standing with the Father.  He thought he needed a “Holy person” to pray for him.  Instead what he needed was a reminder that He can go directly to God.  

Next time when you are asked to pray for the sick. See if you can use it as an opportunity to coach another into walking in their true identity as a son or daughter of the King. 


The Process of Discipleship by David Campbell


As we prepare for church planting in Berlin, Germany there are many things that The Lord has been showing us. One in particular is the process of discipleship in Church Planting. That discipleship is necessary is a non-negotiable. It has been commanded by The Lord Jesus. What seems to be up in the air among many solid biblical churches is the process. It seems there is an obsession with having a repeatable process so that we can get a predictable result. As though the outcome of every believer is supposed to look and act the exact same. This leads to myriad of classes and programs and instructions. The challenge is that we all know we should be discipling and we all know that we are weak in this. So well meaning leaders write curricula and 'resources' to equip others to disciple.

Then life happens. One of my favorite quotes is by the great theologian, Mike Tyson: "everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face." So true! We have a great process and plan but it never seems to work? At least for very long.

The problem that I see is that we have lost the ability to hear the voice of our Lord. We, many times, do not believe He will lead us and speak to us. Because we do not think He will lead us we are forced to look at others or search scripture for a pattern and then latch on to that. Yet have you noticed that while Jesus healed a LOT of people but He never did it the same way twice? I think it is because He knew that we would be tempted to try and stamp out a process and leave our relationship with Him.

I firmly believe that The Lord will and does primarily speak to us by scripture, but unless that word is united in faith (a gift from Him) then it remains powerless. Have you ever noticed that you can know a passage of scripture for a long time and never be affected by it and then suddenly it comes alive? This should be what we are looking for - not the cognitive knowledge of a text but the text coming alive in us. The greatest skill we can teach others is to listen to voice of God. Or perhaps better yet, how to silence the other two predominant voices in self and satan. When we eliminate those from the equation it becomes much easier to hear the precious voice of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Don't be so quick to think every discipleship opportunity can be run through a process. Ask Jesus in every situation what you are to do. He will lead you. He is Lord -- not us.