We Choose YOU to be on Our Team! / by David Campbell

Family and Friends,

We have truly been blessed by God since the start of our time here in Germany!

Many of you get our updates here on Facebook and through our Newsletter. Many of you hear firsthand what God is doing in our ministry here through the amazing teams that come to partner with us.

Since our arrival in Germany, we have not made a trip home to Texas. Many times, missionaries take a trip home to speak with supporters and to raise more money.

Our ministry here has GROWN so much since our first day here. Our monthly support has remained the same.

As a family of five, with many guests and teams coming into our home, we live on a budget very similar to missionary families of 2 or 3 people.

We praise God for provision and answer to prayers for needs!!

We have been praying about an increase in monthly support and we feel now is the time to put it before you guys. If you would like to give toward our ministry here in Germany, we would love to have you join our team! We would love to chat with you or put you in direct contact with the close to 100 people who have been in our home this past year and who have seen the work that the LORD is doing here in our ministry!

This is not a plan of ministry, it is one already in place and one in which we have been knee deep in for the past year. We have been following the LORD each day and seen beautiful fruit in Him making all things new! It is a complete JoY to be a part of and we would love for YOU to join in!!

Made in the image of our God, we are relational people. When you join our team as supporters, either via prayer, financial support, encouraging texts, and more, we want you to feel involved in the personal side of our life and it is a goal of ours to create an atmosphere of relationship and communication. 


If the Spirit is stirring in you to give or to find out more about what we do, feel free to message us here in the comments section, or click on the "Support Us" tab on the top of this page.


Our family is ever so thankful for y'all and excited to see all that God will do with the rest of this year!!! We have many coming on teams to jump into the work with us with refugees and our hearts are bursting with excitement as we anticipate the greatest missionary movement yet coming from these amazing individuals that GOD has brought HERE to seek HIM and HIS glory!! Be on the lookout for something HUGE to happen soon as these refugees are encountering Jesus and becoming disciples of the Way, the Truth, and the Life!!!