Week of September 7 / by David Campbell

Unless you are simply not paying attention, Germany is making international news with the welcoming of refugees from all over the world.  While there are some that oppose refugees coming to Germany, overall, the sentiment seems to be extremely welcoming to those who have been displaced.  

This past week, we continued to do our open-air bible studies at the refugee facilities.  We do this open-air because we are wanting to model that having honest, sometimes hard, dialogue is good and helpful.  This past week we saw a man who had fallen from his bike have Jesus heal his wrist.  A man who watched this happen suddenly approaches informing us he had just gotten his "yellow letter" notifying him that he was to be deported back to his home country.  He asked for prayer and by the end of the day the decision had been reversed and he can now stay!  Praise Jesus!!

The group that is gathering has grown over the past two weeks and we have had more people tell us they want to come out this week.  Please continue to pray!

How to pray?

Pray for our translators - this is extremely hard work.  We had an amazing young man from Syria step in to translate.  It was amazing watching what God was doing in his heart.

That these people would not be viewed as charity cases but rather that they would be seen for the value and dignity that they have.  These people are the most amazing missionary force the world has ever known, but they do not know it yet!!

Pray for revival and awakening with the fullness of all that that entails!

Pray for boldness

Pray for MORE bibles - oh how we need so many more!

We love you guys and are so thankful to be in this with you all!!