This Weeks Recap / by David Campbell

The Gospel of John repeatedly refers to a particular disciple as "the disciple whom Jesus loved."  Reading all the way through the Gospel we learn that this specific disciple is also the writer of the book.  It used to bother me that Jesus would pick one particular person to shower more attention and love on than the others (yeah that says a lot about my heart).  But then one day I was reading and it suddenly struck me.....John was writing from His perspective while inspired by the Holy Spirit.  What does that mean?  It means that John lived his life with the constant awareness of how much God loved him.  Personally, specifically, acutely loving him with all of his flaws and short comings.  

Sharing Jesus with Muslims is a joy.  These are some of the most wonderful, gentle, kind, and loving people you can hope to meet.  Yet there seems to be a common road block.  Most Muslims I speak with readily agree that God loves everyone.  But the challenge comes in the fact that God loves them, specifically and personally.   You may be used to speaking only with Americans and driving home the point that "it is not all about you" becomes necessary.  Yet when you begin to share with people from other cultures, what seems so easy for one to grasp is difficult for others.

I must say that we are in a season in which we feel especially loved by God.  We have felt that we are following God's plans throughout this whole journey, yet recently we have been overwhelmed by the wisdom and grace He has shown us.  He knew what was coming to this land and He dropped us here just ahead of it.  He knew we (and others) would need a place to launch out of and He provided this house.  

This past week we saw God do amazing things in drawing people to Himself.  Tuesday of this past week I got a message from the man I had met on Friday of the previous week.  He told me to please pray for his daughter as she was being transported to the hospital.  Several hours later he let me know the diagnosis.  Staph Infection.  

We felt utterly helpless because we were not able to physically get to where she was to actually pray with her and for her.  Yet we prayed where we were and she was discharged the next day.  Yesterday we got the privilege of going to this family's home and bringing some fun items for the kids and sharing tea with the parents.  We hope it was a blessing to the family because it was a HUGE blessing for us.   We continue to pray for this family as we continue to share Jesus both in word and deed.

On Wednesday, in our bible study at the refugee center, we saw God doing really awesome things among a Syrian man (posted some of the details earlier on Facebook) but we have continued to pray and seek the Lord that these men will catch the vision that THEY can be the agents of peace in this world.  One of the men brought up questions that he had from the book of Daniel.  The Lord used this story to allow us to share with him how Daniel -- a man who ended up in a foreign country because of war -- could be a major source of blessing for the country because of an "excellent spirit" the Lord had placed in him.  

This is the vision we feel that the Lord has given, that these refugees will be able to be a MAJOR source of blessing for Germany and the World, fueled by the Holy Spirit and driven by the love of Christ.

Many of you have expressed a desire to help the beautiful souls here. Thank you! Thank you for your prayers, they mean the world to us! Thank you for your beautiful messages of encouragement! 

We have big dreams that the Father has recently given us. Dreams of reconciliation with the LORD God and with the people from all the nations here. If you would like to make a one time financial donation directly to these efforts, please click the "Support Us". We cannot wait to see these dreams become reality!

Be blessed, dear friends!