Starting This Week / by David Campbell

We wanted to write a brief update as to what will be happening this week so that you can join us in prayer.

Over the past several months the Lord has opened the door to further discipleship with about 10 men living near our home.  These men have been asking for a 'Bible School' and for teaching so they can learn 'to be disciples.'  So this week we will start a 10 week program for these men at the facility where they live.  

We ask you to first pray for good weather.  Why?  Because we intend to do as many of the classes as possible in the open air.  These men live in the presence of many people who are connected to people who have driven them from their home. To say there is tension is an understatement.  Yet we cannot teach them to be effective evangelists and preachers of the gospel if we do not first model it for them.  Therefore, we feel compelled to conduct as much as we can in the open air giving those who oppose the message of Christ the opportunity raise whatever objection they may have.    This will also allow us to pray for and bless those who may not agree with us and learn to give answers as the Lord directs.

One of the things we feel that the Lord is placing on our hearts, to drive toward, is the discipline of teaching these men to pray diligently for those who have done evil to them.  So part of the program will be weekly meetings with no other agenda than to worship God and praying blessings on those who have done harm to them, their families, and their people.  This is not an easy task, but this is one step toward true freedom for these people.  They will never be truly free as long as hatred and bitterness is given room in their hearts.  

Ultimately, we will be using the Bible as our text and learning material.  The students will be encouraged in daily spiritual disciplines.  We will go through the Bible, from beginning to end, and give them a broad framework of the story of Christ in the pages of the Bible that they will spend the rest of their lives growing in.  

We ask you to pray for these men, who are so committed, that nothing will deter them from their devotion to Christ.  We also ask you to pray blessing on all those who may oppose these men in any way.  Our aim is to demonstrate the love of God to all people, both to those who both oppose and agree.  There can be no room for anger, hatred, fear, jealousy, etc.

There are local officials who think we are not thinking quite right and that there is no way that any "religion or god" can change the hearts of the people in these facilities.  Yet while they cannot officially sanction or endorse any of our activity they tell us that inside they hope we succeed because of the blessing that will come to their whole community.  This is a great opportunity to show that Jesus can do what no one else can do. Will you join us in praying that this becomes reality in their lives?

Thank you for partnering with us in many ways, especially through prayer. It is our joy to have each one of you along on our team as we seek to know God and make Him known! 

Grace and peace to you.