This Morning in Berlin / by David Campbell

It was a hot morning in Berlin this morning. Very hot. Hot enough to cause people with no A/C to go outside. 

I see two men sitting in the shade who are seeking refuge in Germany but coming from Albania.  They told me about their plight and their needs. I asked if I could pray for them.  They both agreed.

After a general prayer of blessing and help in their job search one of the men explained that he had a back injury.  I prayed and the pain immediately left.  The other man pulled up his shirt to reveal a stab wound from a knife in his back.  He also asked for prayer.  His pain remained after the first prayer, diminished significantly on the second and was completely gone on the third.  

Both men were extremely thankful and asked what just happened. I explained that it was God responding to prayers in Jesus' name.  We talked about Jesus/Isa's righteous perfect life.   They asked what religion Isa is and I explained how religion is about trying to please God instead of trusting in Jesus' goodness. 

Next I explained how they can approach Jesus with their needs and even begin praying for people they know who are sick or in need. They were eager to get started!

Next week we will go back to help them continue.  But this could be the beginning of a new faith community in this place.  Pray for this group of people as they have many many needs and have just been introduced to the One who can do what no other person can!