What Is Happening The Week of June 7-14 / by David Campbell

We are excited to have a team from Brisbane, Australia coming to Berlin.  We are grateful that we get, for a time, more workers for the work here in Berlin.  However, we are also praying that this time will be one of significant growth and blessing for the team.  Our prayer is that when their time is done in Berlin they will collectively say, "surely God was in this place!"

Here are a few additional prayer requests:

Our time continues to be a significant challenge due to the school schedules of our kids.  Juggling the logistics of making sure our kids are taken care of with ministry demands is an area that we could use a lot of prayer.

We are continuing to do what God has called us to do in this city while trying to build bridges between various churches and ministries.  We have seen the Lord do a lot in the area of churches and ministries working together, but we believe that the Lord is wanting to see much more in terms of unified efforts.  

For me, personally (David), I am sensing the Lord prompting me to take even bigger steps of faith and boldness in what we do.  Specifically in the areas of Evangelism and Discipleship.  The last few weeks have been pretty stretching for me as I have come to realize that settling into routine and comfort is not where He has called me. (I did not know I could fall into a routine with evangelism and discipleship, but there it was!)

I know we say it every time, but there is so much to do in this city that we really must be consistently praying for more workers for the harvest.  It is a command of Jesus and it is a desperate need for all involved.  We are asking for men, women, and families who are so hungry to see the Kingdom of God come and to see the fires of revival spread through out the city and the whole world.  Will you join us in diligently asking for God to set people on fire and send them to us or raise up people here who are set on fire by God?

Please pray for us as we have many other exciting things on the horizon that God is doing.  We are excited to share soon!

We love you guys and thank you so much for your continued support of us and this ministry.