I See It, I THINK I Finally See It / by David Campbell

It appears on the horizon and it is still a long ways off but I think I see it….

This last week was a significant week for me, personally.  When we started this journey of what the Lord had called us to in Berlin, we felt like we were moving forward on the word of the Lord.

Sometimes when the Lord directs you toward something you totally understand what He wants to do and you run forward full steam ahead.    But I have to admit that since the time that we felt like we received what He wanted to do in Berlin, I cannot say I have totally understood.  I have been willing to proclaim it and speak it out but in my mind I was having a hard time seeing it.

Let me explain.  The idea and desire and vision has always been self-reproducing discipleship groups planted in this city and flowing out to the world.    That has never changed.  We know that this has happened in China and India to a large degree but it is very very very rare in the west.    The explanation has been that “things are different in the United States and Europe.”  This cannot be true.  It absolutely cannot be true.  In order for this to be true that would mean that either A) there is a worldview stronger than God or that B) that God is willing that Europe perish and not come to knowledge of the truth.   These things just cannot be. 

I have been involved in evangelism for a very long time.  I am engaged in a lot of evangelism now.  We have seen people come to Christ.  We have seen decisions for Christ.  We have seen disciples being made.  We have even seen new believers spring into being radical evangelists leading many people to Christ in closed countries.  Already we have seen this in this city….in one year.  Sound great, huh?  Sure, and we want to celebrate every single victory, but the truth is this is not the goal.

Self reproducing discipleship groups that completely change the fabric of society.  That is the goal.  Disciples of Jesus.  In essence, wholesale revolution and revival. 

But I have not been able to see it.  I did not have eyes to see it at the time.  But I THINK the light is coming on.  I want you to see that this is very much a work in process.  This is not the writing of someone who has it figured out.  I am following my Lord on the word of what He wants to do here in this city. 

Then this past week we spent time in a park with drug dealers, drug abusers, and prostitutes.  We saw the presence of the Lord change the entire atmosphere.  We saw people watch our example and begin to pray, in Jesus’ name, over their friends.  We saw it, we saw the place come to life.  And yet I do not think I fully saw it until we left!!  Starting a bible study in that place, teaching them to pray for one another’s needs, teaching them simple bible stories, would have been the most natural thing possible, but I did not see it then.  I think I do now.

I have felt the desire to have more and more and more teams but now I see why.  Now I see what is to happen.   We need more and more and more people doing what we did last week!  This is no longer about us "sowing" good seed as is often done in evangelism, this is about us being harvesters!  The Lord is saying that He has sent us to harvest that for which we did not sow! (John 4:38)

This is happening all at the same time the Lord has provided us a house closer to the kids school that will free up perhaps another 20 hours per week because of transporting kids.  20 extra hours of harvesting?  Yes, please.  But also there is something else that is amazing, for almost the same monthly rent we are getting nearly 2.5 times the space.    We can host the teams in our home!   More time for harvesting and a place to put more harvesters.  

This will free up even more of our time and allow us to serve as overflow for teams coming  into the city.  It allows us to share the vision with more and more and more people.  These people are coming from all over the world and so this already is serving to impact the nations by us being obedient right where we are.

This week we will begin moving into the new place.  The Lord has opened doors for us to move already BUT we still have some critical needs.   We have a deposit that is needed equal to 3 times the monthly rent.  We also need to fill the heating oil tank and at the same time take care of our annual health insurance payment.    So far, through your generous support we have seen the Lord provide$3,100 bringing our needed total down to about $8,000 left.  We know that the Lord will provide and we ask that you would join us in praying that this amount is released. 

But more importantly we ask that you would join us in further understanding what God is really doing in this city and that we would be able to see it more clearly and realize what He has called us to.