What Happened Today / by David Campbell

We believe that the Lord does everything for His own glory. When He acts, He intends for His deeds and magnificence to be made known.

Today we took the team out to a place that is known for open drug abuse.  We went with virtually no agenda other than to seek the Lord in the darkest of places.  

When we arrived to area where many of the nefarious activities occur, we found it to be more crowded than normal.  We sat down and simply began to worship the Lord in song and wait on Him.

The bible says, "None who wait on the Lord will be put to shame."  As He promised in His word, He showed up in such wonderful ways.  

There were a few people we began to speak with who allowed us to minister to them.  One man named Michael, saw his knee healed and even though he professed faith in God he was genuinely surprised that his knee was significantly better.   Then a lady named Danielle approached and received prayer and ministry from some of the young ladies on the team.  

After a while, there was a Palestinian man who had a tumor on his knee who asked for prayer. Before we could finish, one of the guys (Mustafa, also Palestinian) who was doing a lot of the dealing, jumped in and asked for prayer to set him free from Heroin.  Some of the people standing around tried to say that Jesus does not care about Muslims, but we were able to both explain and demonstrate that, in fact, Jesus love Muslims as well.

Soon one of the young men who had fled to Germany from Syria saw what was happening and began to join us in praying for his friends in Jesus' name!!  It was a wonderful site!

The rest of the afternoon was really just amazing.  The entire mood changed and Mustafa was dancing with the music (the man in the Star Wars shirt).  Danielle commented that she had been going to this place for well over 4 years and she had never seen people play Ping Pong on the table that was there.  

It was an amazing time and we are looking forward to spending more time with these people teaching them what it looks like to follow Jesus.  He is worthy!