Week of June 15, 2015 / by David Campbell

an unpreached gospel is no gospel at all.  -Reinhard Bonnke

I love this quote by Reinhard Bonnke.  So many times we can get caught up in doing all manner of gospel activity and never actually get around to actually proclaiming the gospel.  Unless the good news it shared it is not really good news.  May we never get so busy that we do not do what we were called here for, to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ.

This week we have more outreach happening with the Aussie team (they are from Brisbane but only one is actually Aussie :)).  This is an amazing group of people that will be going with us.  They will help us and in the process we aim to help them grow in their faith and passion for Jesus as they go back to their respective places.  This team will be here for two months.  Please pray for all of us!

In terms of ministry there are doors opening all over the place.  In addition to the outreach that we will be doing this week we need prayer also for the prep work that is being done for the waves of people coming in over the next several months.  Next week we have a team coming to spend a month with us in the city.  This is a team that will be spending more time with building relationships and fostering more long term discipleship. The following week we have a team from a church in Norway coming to serve alongside us.  

If you feel your heart being stirred for Berlin or simply want to have a chance to get some hands-on experience doing ministry in an Urban context then we have a place for you.  There is room in August for the Summer of Service or contact us about your church or youth group coming to serve.

These are exciting times.  We are grateful to be in this with you all!  Thank you so much for your continued prayer!

David & Keri