Update From This Week / by David Campbell

We had a wonderful week working with a team from London. This was just a wonderful group of Godly brothers and sisters and it was such a pleasure to get to serve alongside them.   The goal was to teach in the mornings the practical aspects of evangelism and discipleship and really being a doer of the word and just a hearer.

In Luke 10 we see that Jesus commands both the proclamation of the gospel but also that we should heal the sick.  We do not get to play fast and loose with the text, if He says do it then that is what we have to do.  We cannot pick and choose what we obey.....even if it seems impossible.  I want to get to a child like faith where I obey simply because He says it and not because I understand it.  So here are some of the accounts from the week.

On one day, a man was prayed for and as he cried out that "the Devil was leaving him!"  The man sitting next to him either began to manifest or else panicked at what he could not explain.   Needless to say it was a very tense 20-30 minute time period.  It did not go like I had thought or hoped.  I think sometimes it will happen that things get a little dicey in ministry.  I think this one was due to several mistakes on my part.

We saw a man from Turkey who had been subjected to a lot of trauma and stress tell us that since his trauma he has experience a lot of voices and noise in his head.  Beforehand he has believed that Jesus was a great man and a revered prophet.  Yet suddenly he saw Jesus as an ever present help in the time of need.  Jesus made the voice be silent.  

We saw another man from Turkey want to spend time arguing about which prophet is greater.  our goal was not to slander or speak evil of anyone, we simply believe that Jesus is alive and active and cares about his needs.  He was having tooth pain and the pain went away.  I cannot say that he is now an active follower of Jesus but he no longer felt inclined to argue about anything.  He was really a very very kind man and we enjoyed speaking with him a lot.

Perhaps the highlight of the week was a group of high school kids who felt the need to mock and make fun of a group of believers doing an evangelistic street drama.  They did not believe that Jesus was alive or relevant for today.  I asked if it would be ok if I demonstrated His presence.  I shared with them my personal testimony and then told them that if they were willing Jesus would heal anyone here with pain or sickness.  A young man said, "if he can do it I have had pain in my knees for a long long time."  I told them I wanted to show them that it was not me or anyone special but that it was Jesus who heals.  I asked if anyone in the crowd believed that Jesus was not real.  One boy raised his hand quickly.  I told him, "You will pray for your friend and then you will need to deal with who Jesus is."  He made a pretty good joke of it until Jesus used him to heal his friend's knees (we walked him through how to pray in Jesus' name).  (If this seems strange Jesus said in Matthew 7:22 that you do not even need to be a believer to perform miracles in Jesus' name, also miracles are absolutely no indication of anything of your standing with God)  The boy formerly with knee pain said he had no more pain.  One of the girls spoke up and said it was only because he was not moving around.  We asked him to move around and he began walking and saying there is no pain.  It was at this point the group decided to leave.  However, three young men came back and we had wonderful conversations about Jesus.  My friend, Brian prayed with one of the boys to receive Jesus.  Another of the young men seemed to be genuinely interested and is seeming to be on a new journey.  

Thank you all for the love and support .  There is certainly something happening here in Berlin.  If you are inclined to come and be a part of it, please come.  The harvest is truly plentiful but the laborers are few.