Campbell's In Berlin Thanksgiving Update / by David Campbell

We are so amazingly thankful for you guys and we are so excited about all that is happening here in Berlin.  This is going to be quite the packed update so perhaps you should hold on with both hands for this one!

Refugee (Opportunity) Crisis in Germany

While the world calls this a crisis we see this as an amazing Gospel opportunity.  How so?  When Jesus is revealed in these camps and we begin to see whole camps transformed by the power of Jesus this will be a testimony to the camps, to Germany, to Europe, and the world.  

This week the Lord has opened the door to a camp close to our house.  This camp is part of a network of 6 other homes and represents over 1000 people Refugees living in Berlin.  This is a tremendous opportunity - provided it is handled correctly.  As we have gotten our feet wet in the refugee situation, we have learned many things to not do.  For those providing help on the Refugee Highway or when people arrive on the boat, the needs and ways to help are pretty straight forward.  However, here in Berlin it is not so easy to insert yourself into the situation and begin to help.  You can make a mess really quickly if you are not careful.  

So what is the plan?  Quite simply - total community transformation.  Including playgrounds, external facade of the building, programs for the kids and families, and even loving service to the staff that work there day and night.

But we need more to do that.  Right now we can address, in a major way, this one camp for about $5,000 USD.  Can you help us get the word out and begin praying with us?  We want to begin with (hopefully) weekly visual updates as to what is happening in the camp so that you can see what is being done (both physically and spiritually).  This project is being done as a partnership with our house church and our YWAM Berlin team.  Here is the link if you would like to help us get the word out. 

Discipleship Training School Berlin

This week David will begin 1.5 weeks of teaching the students at the YWAM DTS here in Berlin.  The students have been in lecture for nearly 3 months and this is the last push before they are launched into the two months of outreach in South Africa.  These are amazing students who are reaching for more and more of Jesus.  Pray that David will be clear in his teaching and that the Lord would give him the words to speak and power behind the words that He gives him.  The Holy Spirit does amazing things in these times and we enjoy getting to see what He is doing.  

Thanksgiving Dinner

We will be hosting Thanksgiving Dinner for quite a few American workers in the city.  We are looking forward to providing a time of refreshment and restoration and a time of community thankfulness for all that God has done in and through this group of people. 

Fire and Fragrance Team

On December 22 we will receive a wild-eyed team of revivalists from Kona, Hawaii doing a Fire and Fragrance DTS.  This team of 11 people will live with us for 2.5 months and will be serving with us in our work in the city and house church ministry.This will be an amazing time for us, for them, and for all those whom they minister to.  You all have been a part of getting our home ready to receive them.  You are part of what God is doing with this amazing group!!