Campbell Update Mid November / by David Campbell

There is so much that is going on that it has been difficult to sit and write about it.  It seems that by the time a post/update is written and edited it is then obsolete and more needs to be written.

Last week we met with leaders from across Germany to discuss how the different leaders are working with refugees and gain encouragement about what comes next for this work.   We believe that God is calling us to take much bolder steps than ever before but we want to make sure that we do not take any steps that He is not directing.  

Yesterday we went to a place where thousands of refugees come into Berlin seeking Asylum.  One of our co-laborers and partners in the gospel, Tim Ashworth, brought items to make balloon animals. (click on the link and like their Facebook Page - they are awesome) There was nothing complex about what was happening, our goal was just help people to smile and restore human dignity to people.  

A man suddenly approaches me speaking remarkable English.  He is an Architect from Iraq and he said, "I want to tell you guys thank you for just bringing smiles to these people.  You are doing a good thing."  I went on to tell him that the reason we do this is because of what Jesus has done in my life.  As I share my story he is saying, "Yes yes it sounds like you were given a new heart!"  This man began to understand the transformative power of the Gospel!  He gave us his contact information and wants us to come and visit him in the camp that he lives in......and now God has given us an opening in a new camp.

Then a man from New Hampshire interrupts and says, "I have been listening to what you were saying to this man.  I believe this!  This is great what you are doing.  I came down here just to see what was going on here but I am glad I got to hear."

Then two other men approach asking about what we are doing.  One of the men says, "this is amazing can we interview you for TV?"  Uhhhhhhh, sure......I guess.  So they pull out their camera equipment and begin to interview Tim (if you know Tim, and you should, he has an awesome radio voice).


Daily we come away from these times amazed that we get to be a part of this.  We follow God and He does amazing things and we get to be along for the ride.  

Truly He is a good good Father!!