"Death and Life are in the Power of the Tongue..." / by David Campbell

I am not a writer by nature. Like, sitting down to write is not really a way for me to "express myself". That is actually the reason why I do it.

See, writing is for me what speaking to Pharaoh was to Moses. Well, okay maybe not exactly like that. I don't really think the ruler of any nation sits and reads my blog posts. In fact, the thought of that actually makes me laugh.

But, it is a chance for me to sit back and let God say what He wants. I love Him and love to be used by Him. 

So, I am sitting at my desk in Berlin, Germany at 9:30 pm on a Thursday night. Our children have been sick all week and to be honest, I have felt blah all week too. I have felt blah for about two weeks.

I shared with David the other day that the LORD had revealed to me that there was some sort of curse spoken over me. Now, before we lose you as a reader or you think I am weird or voodoo-ish, please let me explain.

Our words are not neutral. They are not. They are either words of life or words of death. They are words that speak blessing over people or words that speak death over people. 

When I was sitting in my journaling time with the Lord, I was sad and down. I couldn't put my finger on why and I needed a word from Him. I needed some encouragement from the Encourager. I needed some comfort from the Comforter. I trust Him and I am thankful that He longs to teach me. 

I felt Him gently say that someone had spoken words of death over me to someone else. That can seem like a scary statement, but knowing it really set me free. Like, really set me free. Jesus has taught me how to break these things and how to find freedom from them. I was able to bless the one who spoke these things, although it was not revealed to me who said them. I was able to speak life over them and I trust that the Holy Spirit honored my request of blessing as He really longs to bless. 

Then it got me to thinking. How often is it that we just flippantly say something about someone else? Knowing that our words are not neutral, how often during the day are we speaking words of death over people and not even realizing it? Maybe not physical death, but chipping away at someone's character by slipping in a few digs here and there. Planting seeds in other people's minds concerning the intent of others. How often do we first go to a friend, acquaintance, family member who has kinda hurt us to seek reconciliation...I say "first" because it seems the more common thing is to go to another friend or family member and "get it off your chest" that way.

Friends, our words are powerful. Believer, this world we are living in is truly a spiritual battlefield. There is nothing the enemy wants more than to steal from me, kill me and destroy me. Words have a lot of power in that area.  Our Savior had many names and the Word was one of them. i think that is significant! How are we fighting the spiritual realm with our words? Do we speak words of life over each other? Do we speak words of life about our friends and family members in our homes, behind closed doors with our spouses? I know the enemy wants me to believe that this is silly and childish. I know he wants us to believe that our words really are not that powerful. I know that because he is the author of lies and he goes against what the bible says. The bible says that our words have power. The power of life and of death.

 I think this is an important topic to bring up. Not because I am an expert in writing on important topics, but because I sat down to write with nothing on my mind...and this is what the Lord directed me to say. I believe it is important to Him and to His heart. 

I want my mouth to speak nothing but words of life and blessing to all who hear. I want to constantly be aware of the state of my heart knowing out of the overflow of my heart my mouth will speak. I want my children to hear me speaking words of life and blessing over each of them. Setting this standard in our home, we do not want our children to get comfortable speaking words of death over each other...we don't want them to have to "unlearn" this later in life. May it always be what they know to do. That they know to speak blessing and life over those around them, and that they recognize when curses or death have been spoken over them or around them. Then, that they fight with sweet words of love and blessing.

How hard it is to learn that art of blessing those who wound us with our words. But, how very much like Jesus it is to do so. 

Jesus is our example. His heart was always pure and therefore, so were His words. We can ask Him for the ability to speak the way He spoke. We can trust that if the word of God tells us that we have the power of life and death in our tongue, that when we ask for wisdom in taming that tongue He will bless us with the power of the Spirit to do so. This life, this vapor of life that we have here on earth, is much too fleeting to waste on useless, hurtful, curses of words. Free your heart up to bless those around you. Forgive...with your mouth, those who have hurt you. Speaking forgiveness over and to someone is one of the most life-giving things! Allow the Spirit to use you in ways today that you never even imagined you could be used. Open your mouth with blessing and honor, Praise the LORD with that mouth and breath He gave you! Proclaim His glory in the street, at Target, on the playground, at Starbucks. Tell someone today about how you used to be stuck in chains of fear but Jesus in His goodness set you free! TELL your story of how you were before you met Jesus and then how He changed your life forever. Use your words today to speak life. Speak love. Speak forgiveness. Speak peace. Speak joy. Speak of the One who is all of these things and more. 

We love you all so much. We are thankful for each one of you. Seriously, each one of you. You are all significant and dear. You are all important in our lives and in this journey He has us on. Thank you for your willing hearts to love us forward. To help encourage us to keep on keeping on. It is of value and a true desire of our hearts. Thank you. 

May His blessing of life abound...