GOER, SENDER, MOBILIZER / by David Campbell


I realize that most of the people who read this blog may not be familiar with the inner workings of what I call the "missions world." There is a whole language, thought process, and network that is really amazing. I am done with assuming that I understand what is going on in the world around me. Instead I am learning to take everything that happens and bring it to The Lord and allow Him to tell me what is really happening. It has been an eye opening thing for me.

Among those familiar with the missions world there is the concept of "Goer, Sender, or Mobilizer." It goes like this: "God has called some to go, some to finance those who are called to go, and those whom God has called to help mobilize and prepare those who are called to go." Sounds reasonable right? Sounds logical right?

Well, I am not going to get into the business of right and wrong, but will instead speak to what The Lord has placed on my heart. I had spent a great deal of time wondering which role I am to play, but The Lord began to show me that these are not separate roles but one.

As a goer I am constantly casting vision to the heart of our Father and helping send those people out. That is what we do. The workers for the harvest are currently in the harvest! The workers we are told by Jesus to earnestly pray for are currently not believers right now. They do not yet know who they are in Christ!

Here is the picture The Lord showed me. On one hand you have a healthy plant with healthy fruit and healthy seed. The plant pollenates and the seed is spread by the wind, the rain, birds, insects, etc. And the healthy seed spreads greatly. On the other hand you have unhealthy plants producing very little fruit but a significant labor force trying to get the seed healthy to produce good seed and the seed to spread only to be frustrated. It is kind of like genetically modifying seed to get what appears to be a greater harvest only to see (after years) significant side effects and other issues that have arisen because of this.

Here is what I am saying. If you are called to go -- do not assume that you are not also called to give and mobilize. If you are called to give to those who are going do not assume that you are not also called to go and mobilize. If you are called to mobilize then do not assume then do not assume you are not called to go and not called to give to those going.

One last comment to the mobilizers of the world. What if the greatest resource and place to find those to mobilize is in the place that seems to have the least fruit --right now? What if you went forward as a harvester and then mobilized what you harvested?

Just some thoughts.