So Many Things Happening / by David Campbell

This has been such a fun time. We are preparing for our growing team to leave for a short time in Berlin. As we move closer to departure time it seems that there are so many things happening that I just do not know where to start. It has been our conviction from the beginning that if God is who He says He is, in the Bible, then He is capable and willing to do great things. We take seriously our Lord's words that the harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few. So we began asking ourselves, "if we believed that the harvest is really that massive, how would we act?" The answer is that we would be begging Him for far more laborers than we currently have. So this is what we have been doing. We are asking Him for 50 people for our team. Can you grasp the magnitude of this? It is hard enough to get people to witness to their neighbor and we are going to convince people to leave all that they know and come do in another country? Well yes!

So we asked the One who has the destiny of all people in His hands! Suddenly, with virtually no effort on our part our team has swelled to 15 people with another 8 people in the process of praying! Can you get your mind around that? I am asking for it and I am struggling with it.

Now we have learned of 2 other families in our immediate locale who are mobilizing to go to Berlin! An interesting story from today was that while Keri was at a new family doctor for a sinus headache today, her doctor said he had heard about us and would be praying! He also provided names of others who are planning on going to Berlin for missions.

All in all it is a fun time. We are seeing The Lord do so many awesome things and we are so excited to be a part of it.